Internal Storage 📂

Learn how to mount your device's internal storage.

To mount internal storage you just need to run two commands.

First open new Termux session (Swipe from left corner to right) and type:


Now it will ask you for Storage permission. Allow the Storage permission.

Once you are done with it type:

nano start-{distroname}.sh

Make sure to replace {distroname} with your specific distro name.

Now search for line:

#command+=" -b /sdcard"

If you find this line then remove it and change it to

command+=" -b /sdcard"

If you don't find the line then add the above mentioned line as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you are done with it press Ctrl+X and then press Y and then enter. Now start your linux system and do cd / . Now you will be able to see a folder sdcard which means you have successfully mounted your Internal Storage.