This tutorial will guide you through the installation of Alpine.

Essential Information

Alpine provided by Andronix is open source including all the scripts needed for installing it. You can take a look at it here.

Download size - 2 MB

The size mentioned above is not the size after installing Alpine but it's just the tar size that Andronix downloads. This doesn't include a desktop environment for the GUI.

How to Install?

  • Open the Andronix App and click on the Alpine card.

  • Click the Install button.

  • The first option will install Alpine with the mentioned Desktop Environment. The last Non-DE variant installs Alpine without any Desktop Environment and is recommended for using the distro only with a Command Line Interface.

We recommend to choose XFCE variant as it is the most stable, smooth, advanced and customizable Desktop Environment present at the moment

  • Use the command below to update your termux packages so that you're running the updated versions of the required packages.

pkg update
  • Tap & hold anywhere on the screen and press Paste.

  • Press Enter and wait till the installation completes.

  • Type the following command to start the distro **and press enter.