Offline Installation

We know that sometimes Internet can be a real pain, but worry not! 😅


Offline Installation is only available for Andronix Premium users.

Choose any distro and click on Download Offline to download the distro.

Once the distro is downloaded open Termux and follow the given commands:

  • Type termux-setup-storage and enable Storage permission to Termux

  • Below is the list of each Offline distro. Choose and run the command according to your downloaded distro

Ubuntu 19

cp /sdcard/Download/ubuntu19.tar.gz . && tar xf ubuntu19.tar.gz && rm -rf ubuntu19.tar.gz

Ubuntu 18

cp /sdcard/Download/ubuntu.tar.gz . && tar xf ubuntu.tar.gz && rm -rf ubuntu.tar.gz

Kali Security OS

cp /sdcard/Download/kali.tar.gz . && tar xf kali.tar.gz && rm -rf kali.tar.gz


cp /sdcard/Download/debian.tar.gz . && tar xf debian.tar.gz && rm -rf debian.tar.gz


cp /sdcard/Download/fedora.tar.gz . && tar xf fedora.tar.gz && rm -rf fedora.tar.gz

Ubuntu 19

cp /sdcard/Download/void.tar.gz . && tar xf void.tar.gz && rm -rf void.tar.gz


cp /sdcard/Download/alpine.tar.gz . && tar xf alpine.tar.gz && rm -rf alpine.tar.gz


cp /sdcard/Download/void.tar.gz . && tar xf void.tar.gz && rm -rf void.tar.gz
  • Once the process is complete you are good to start the Linux system.

  • Type ./start-<distroname>.sh to start the Linux.