How to uninstall an OS with Andronix?

These instructions assume that you have Andronix version 7.0 or beyond installed on your device.
This is not a guide to uninstall a Modded OS . Please read the next article from this for more information on that.

Uninstalling your favourite distro is a breeze with Andronix. Please follow these simple steps mentioned below-

1. Preparation 🚀

  • After you open the Andronix app, you will find the option to install a Linux Distribution. Click the card. drawing

  • Now, you will see all the distributions that can be installed on your Android device. drawing

2. Selection ⭐️

  • Long Press on the distro that you would like to uninstall. drawing

  • Click on the Uninstall button to begin the process.

2. Termux Execution 💻

Now comes the part where the actual uninstallation of your Linux distribution begins.

Andronix app has copied a command to your clipboard automatically.

  • You will need to run/execute this command in Termux.
Please read this before proceeding to make sure that you're using a compatible version of Termux for the installation process. Make sure that you've followed this guide for Migration to F-Droid
  • Open the Termux app and long press to paste the copied command and then hit enter to run it.