Andronix 6.0: A New Beginning

Andronix 6.0 - A new beginning...

August 11th, 2021 by Prakhar Shukla

More than a year, and here we are again. Andronix is getting updated to version 6.0.

What are the changes?

Andronix has been re-written to be fast. Not only the app, but we have completely restructured our backend, our hosting, and our app pipelines.

Here is a brief changelog:

  • We have re-imagined the user flow inside Andronix. After noticing that users find it hard to understand when we presented an overwhelming number of choices at once, Andronix has adopted a more subtle approach to delivering options throughout the app.


  • We have segmented each stage of the installation into different pages with help links on each page to make it easier for the users to choose.


  • Andronix has been facing billing-related issues for a while now; we have tried our best to fix those entirely with this release.
  • Migrated the app to follow the MVVM architecture and Android's best practices, including Dependency Injection and Single Activity Principle. We also re-wrote our legacy code to use Kotlin flows for Event management.


Andronix 6.0 does include some significant changes. All of which are mentioned below-

  • This release limits the number of downloads for Modded OS. This means that you can generate the command only a specified number of times in a day and a month. We have adopted this to limit the abuse of our resources, having shifted to a scalable backend. Since Andronix offers only one-time purchases, we would not be able to sustain it with an Unlimited number of downloads for every user.
  • We are testing the removal of Offline downloads with a much more exciting feature in our development pipeline.
  • Since Termux has stopped publishing updates on the Google Play Store (read more about that in this blog), the current release of Andronix does not work with Termux downloaded off of the Google Play Store. To fix this issue, we have introduced an in-app downloader for Termux from its F-Droid repository for the ease of our users.


What took so long?

We will be pushing this update after more than a year. There are a few reasons for the delay-

  • The complete overhaul of our backends, website, and almost everything related to Andronix took a massive amount of time.
  • The year 2021 has been rough for our developers. A devastating wave of COVID-19 hit India, and one of our developers lost his close ones. The impact of this further delayed this released.

Anything more?

Well, yes, Andronix is now legally owned by Devriz Technologies LLP (opens in a new tab), registered in India . We will be moving away from the Techriz branding as soon as possible. Please don't get confused; it's still us.


We hope that you will like this release.

Andronix has been suffering from poor ratings on the Play Store because of Termux dropping support for Google Play Store and the devastating COVID-19 wave here in India.

Please consider rating us on the Play Store @ (opens in a new tab). Thank you.