Andronix on Android 12 and beyond

This information is necessary only if you are running android 12 and above.


Android 12 has added the mechanism to monitor forked child processes started by apps and kills them if more than the default 32 are found running. In simpler words Android now monitors the number of child process which are spawned by a particular app and if in any case it exceeds the number of permitted processes, it just kills them.

This has lead to a lot of power apps like Termux, Tasker, Andronix, Debian NoRoot, being broken on Android 12 and 12L devices. There is nothing that can be done from our side since it's pushed in the Android's code.

More Information

Issue on Termux's Repository: Android 12 Phantom Processes Killed (Process completed (signal 9) - press Enter)

The good thing being that Google will include a fix/toggle for this (phantom process killing) in Android 12L or 13.

More information on the proposed solution

The aforementioned statement about the fix being included in the upcoming versions of Android might not be true for skinned Android ROMs like Samsung's OneUI, Xiaomi's MIUI, Oppo's ColorOS etc.


Please follow the instructions given below for your respective Android versions.

Video Tutorial

Credits: @AkariOfficial

Fix for Android 12L and beyond

This fix might not work on your device as OEM often have the choice to exclude changes pushed by Google to the Android Open-Source Project at their will.

Please follow the steps mentioned below to turn off the Phantom process killer-

  1. We will first enable the Developer Options from the settings. To enable the same, please navigate to Settings> About Phone and find the Build Number. drawing drawing

  2. Now tap it repeatedly until you see a toast notification along the lines of You are now x steps away from being a developer. drawing

  3. You might be asked to authenticate yourself, please do the same and then proceed. drawing

  4. Now, navigate to Settings>System>Developer Options. Enable the Developer Options on the next screen. drawing

  5. Find the section named Feature Flags, enter via clicking it. drawing

  6. Find the switch to turn off settings_enable_monitor_phantom_procs. drawing

  7. You are now all set! ✅

Fix for Android 12

If you cannot upgrade to Android 12L or 13. Please try the following fix for Android 12-

  1. Make sure you have the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) installed on your other device. You can follow this guide on XDA developers to install ADB on Windows, macOS, or Linux.
  2. After the installation, confirm if you have your device connected via ADB
    adb devices
  3. You should see your device listed in the output of the above command. Now run the following command in the ADB shell
    adb shell /system/bin/device_config put activity_manager max_phantom_processes 2147483647
  4. You should be all set! ✅˚

Credits for the discovery of the issue and the solution-