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If you are having any armv7 based device browsers might fail to work due to unknow reasons. We can't help with armv7 devices since we don't have any armv7 devices as its older architecture and is no more found in modern smartphones.

All the commands should be executed after starting Linux


Ubuntu / Ubuntu 20 / Debian / Kali Linux

apt install firefox-esr -y

Arch / Manjaro

pacman -S firefox --noconfirm

Void Linux

xbps-install -S firefox


Sadly Alpine does not provide Firefox support for ARM devices as or now.


Ubuntu / Ubuntu 19 / Debian / Kali Linux

wget && bash

If the Chromium does not launch from Application Menu then try the following command inside VNC terminal: 1- chromium --no-sandbox

2- chromium-browser --no-sandbox

Arch / Manjaro

pacman -S chromium --noconfirm

Void Linux

Sadly chromium is not available for Void Linux.


apk add chromium


dnf install chromium