The most commonly asked questions regarding Andronix with their solutions.

Getting this error whenever I try to install any OS


Ans. Termux app from the Play Store has been discontinued. Please follow this guide

Kali Linux errors out during installation.

Ans. We are aware of the current issues with Kali. It will be fixed soon but there's no ETA. Please consider using any other distro like Debian.

Modded Manjaro gives repository errors whenever I try to install or update any package.

Ans. Follow this guide, and you'll be good to go.

AlgGr not working on VNC


Ans. You can use bVNC instead of RealVNC and selected the highlighted option from the top menu. If that does not work either, please consider using Android VNC

Vnc can’t open- usage: vncserver error


Ans. Most of the users face this error whilst using Modded Manjaro. Here is the fix- Please run this inside the Manjaro shell-

sudo pacman -S wget tar sed --noconfirm && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AndronixApp/AndronixOrigin/master/Pacman/tigervnc-fix.sh && sudo bash tigervnc-fix.sh

Ubuntu 20.04: Firefox shows Gah. Your tab just crashed

Here's an easy fix for this error-

  1. Enter about:config in address bar
  2. Click “Accept the risk and continue”
  3. Click “Show all”
  4. Search for sandbox
  5. Change first two values to false, and change security.sandbox.content.level to 1, exactly as in this picture: drawing
  6. Restart Firefox.

Error- [Process completed (signal 9) - press Enter]

Ans. Please refer to this section of the documentation.