Internal Storage

To mount internal storage you just need to run two commands.

  • First open new Termux session (Swipe from left corner to right) and type:

Now it will ask you for Storage permission. Allow the Storage permission.

  • Once you are done with it type:
nano start-{distroname}.sh
Make sure to replace {distroname} with your specific distro name.
  • Now search for line:
#command+=" -b /sdcard"
  • If you find this line, then remove it and change it to
command+=" -b /sdcard"
  • If you don't find the line then add the above mentioned line as shown in the screenshot below.
drawing * Once you are done with it press `Ctrl+X` and then press `Y` and then `Enter`. Now start your linux system and do `cd /` . Now you will be able to see a folder `sdcard` which means you have successfully mounted your Internal Storage.