Modded OS

Modded OS are version of normal distros optimized, beautified and made super stable by our experienced developers. These include Ubuntu, Debian, Manjaro for now. We carefully choose what goes here.

What are Modded OS?

Modded OS are modified by us to achieve the maximum performance and we ship it with all the essential software pre-installed. Themes and icons are selected to match every element of the system.

When should I choose Modded OS?

Well, every time to don't want to keep yourself busy with optimizing things and fixing those theming issues, finding the correct PPA for the installation of the working version of the software. All-in-all, it allows you to enjoy Linux without making you do everything necessary.

Why should I choose Modded OS?

  • Pre-installed themes and customized UI for ready-to-go experience. If you want to use it for your work you will surely have an easy and smooth workflow on Modded OS customized UI.

  • Daily use software such as Browser, GIMP, File Managers, Visual Studio Code, Music Player, Sticky Notes, Libre Office, pre-configured repositories and updated system are delivered to you

  • Optimised for performance increase when compared to regular distro

  • Separate channel for Modded OS users on our Discord server

How do they look like?

You can take a look at our Modded OS Gallery.

How to install a Modded OS?

You can choose between 4 Modded distributions that Andronix offers.

These are the following things that need to be done before you're ready to use the distro-

  • Download the Modded OS file.

  • Set up the user, locale and other required things.

  • Start the distro with ./andro{distro}.sh

  • Start the VNC server and connect to it using a VNC-viewer.

Here's how you can install them